Updated: Jan 18

🍑PUDENDAL NERVE🍑 is a yummy sensational nerve responsible for much of our pleasure, with 20 percent of its fibres for function while the other 80 are for sensation.

The nerve exits the spine from S2 and S4 in the sacrum and branches of in various parts of the anus, vulva, booty and much of the pelvis.

One the branches of the pudendal nerve is the dorsal nerve which innervates the clit0ris (itself branches off into thousands of concentrated endings).

On the “seat spot” of the buttocks there runs more of the branches of the pudendal and perineal nerves, which is why spanking, scratching and tickling these spots can be super juicy.

Jesse and I will be sharing more on this nerve and the art of spanking in our upcoming Conscious Kink four week program 🍑

Much love and pleasure to you all!

Kristin xx

INCREDIBLE ARTIST: as always @fourfires you have given me much inspiration to share on pleasure and the body.

Anyone that hasn’t checked this awesome page out I urge you to, it is so yummy!!! 🍑☀️💖😋🤤 🌈

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