Updated: Jan 18

Porn is a highly charged subject due to the common unhealthy misusage of it, the negative impact it can have on our sex lives and the potential for lies, jealousy, and hurt that can come in a relationship when using it.

However, sexually explicit material can be such a powerful tool in our sexuality. Being exposed to sexually explicit material in and of itself can create a sexual response within the viewer- even if they don’t find the material arousing.

Therefore, for those who are finding it tricky to become aroused or to connect to their sexuality due to the many variables of life, this tool can be really helpful- if used in a healthy way.

What does healthy usage of p0rn look like?

I go into detail in my DIY porn manual I’ll be sending out in an upcoming newsletter (where I share lots of fun things and info each month- sign up via my website, the option to sign up will come up after waiting for a moment or two-link in bio).

In the meantime, one of my favourite aspects of creating a healthy p0rn habit can be found in this pic- if in partnership/s making our own! Create the yummy favourite scenes that you/your partner fantasise about. Use props, role play, clothes... get creative! Have fun! And then watch your deliciousness together as a tool to stimulate sexual arousal.

IMPORTANT: be sure to be conscious and careful with your decision to experiment with DIY porn as revenge porn is a very real thing. Make sure you trust your sexual partner with this aspect of your sexuality.

If you would like a manual for healthy porn usage you can find one here.

Much love and happy creating to you all!

Kristin xx

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