6 Pleasure Zones of the Yoni

1. G- Spot - Named after the male physician and scientist Dr Gräfenberg. The G spot can appear to be a bit of a myth or mystery for some women. This is usually because our yoni isnt yet aroused enough for the area of the yoni and g-spot to be engorged enough so that the erectile tissue of the urethral sponge isn't yet filled with blood and therefore the touch is hitting directly against the urethra chanel-often creating an uncomfortable sensation, generally like a need to pee, and for some women pain. Women are slow burners and generally need a lot of time before becoming properly aroused and ready for any type of penetration. 20 minutes minimum would be a rule of thumb but sometimes more and sometimes less. The G-spot begins at the entrance of the yoni just below the urethra opening (as it is the underside of the urethra) at the rop of the yoni entrance (12 o'clock) and goes back roughly an inch or two inside the yoni. This entire ridged area that feels like the roof of the mouth is the G-spot. Depending on what anatomy type you are will determine where your individual trigger point is. There are 9 different anatomy types- some with the g-spot trigger point almost at the entrance of the yoni (roughly 20% of the population) and some with it either mid way, some almost beyond auto-reach and for some beyond auto-reach. Sometimes the G-spot needs even more gentle "come hither" motioning once inside, to continue engorging before it can feel pleasurable. Getting to know this beautiful pleasure centre is a great way to deepen pleasure experiences beyond the clitoris.

2. A- Spot - A little further beyond the G-spot is the A- spot. This pleasure zone is great because as with the G-spot for some it needs communication between lovers to find, bringing lovers closer together through their exploration of the yoni .

3. O- Spot - this is the tip of the uterus that if you were to look into the yoni through a speculum you would see a little O. This is the pace where we all came from. It is such a sweet and expansive pleasure one. A lot of the time it has been desensitized due to being bruised from making love before we are ready and something hitting it (penis or a dildo) too hard. Re-sensitizing this part of the yoni is a beautiful practice and tips on how to do so will be uploaded in the video version of the Journey to the Sexual Self soon.

4. Vulva- the outside of the yoni is called the vulva, which has many nerve endings. This beautiful flower for some may not have much sensitivity while other is can be an extremely erogenous zone.

5. Vaginal Walls - inside the yoni there are lots of erectile tissue that once filled with blood become for some women extremely pleasurable.

6. Clitoris - last but not least- usually the one stop shop for many women and the first place most of us find erotic pleasure. While the clitoris is a beautiful gift it can also overshadow these other pleasure zones and it can be wrth giving her a break to explore further. The clitoris is made up of the glans clitoris and the shaft of the clitoris while the clitoral complex includes the clitoral legs and the vestibule. The entire structure contains glands and tissue to allow engorgement to create pleasure.

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