Image by Ava Sol

Journey to the Sexual Self

This program is designed to give you A LOT of information on human sexuality. 

This program is perfect for those experiencing:

Disconnect to their sexuality and/or body

Pain in sex

Low libido 


Guilt and shame in sex 

Issues with partner sex 

Aversion to sex and touch 

desire for more pleasure​

Some prospects covered

Sensuous touch 

Heart and yoni connection 

Breathing into orgasm

yoni and breast massage 

Sexuality in the cycles of womban

Sacred sex 


Feminine approach to sexuality 

You will be learning about the lunar mysteries and blood rites of passage

The many phases/faces of the moon

How to care for a Womban in each phase of her cycle

Invest in the Healing of Human Sexuality

This is such a powerful course as it covers so many of the aspects of sexuality