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From Agony to Ectsasy

I am SO EXCITED for this group training program! 

It has been so long in the making and is where I will be sharing the heart and soul of my work.


It will also be comprised of YOUR heart and soul, as we will be journeying through this program together as one, holding space for everyone's agony and transmutation into ecstasy.

It is my absolute PASSION to help sisters heal sexual trauma, have fun in sex, make pleasure a priority, understand their cycles and emotions, have easeful periods, follow their desire, create abundance and feel truly FREE in their sex and pleasure!

Who is the program for?
This program is designed for any sister that is feeling the following:

  • disconnected from their yoni and sexuality

  • pain in their yoni while making love

  • unable to feel pleasure or reach orgasmic states

  • dissatisfied with their sexual experiences

  • curiosity about exploring what s possible in sexuality 

  • premenstrual tension 

  • painful periods

  • burnout 

  • low libido

The program

In this 3 month sisterhood-based program I will be taking sisters from ...

agony in their relationships, illness, physical pain, pre-menstrual tension, menstrual pain, sexual trauma, mood swings, low libido, disinterest in sex and pleasure 

to ...


ecstasy through an understanding of and connection to their bodies, their intuition and their trust in themselves, broadening communication skills, healing wounds, enjoying sex, and having FUN while doing it!


Pleasure, sex, emotional freedom and abundance, does not have to be hard!

I will be sharing this work over weekly calls, with one guest teacher a month sharing on their topic of specialisation. I will also be sharing 6 modules to go through over the 3 months at your own pace. 

Included in the program

  • Teaching on practices and techniques on slow/feminine sex

  • Teachings on orgasmic breathwork

  • Teachings on anatomy

  • Teachings on the female sexual response cycle

  • Teachings on boundary setting

  • Teachings on womb guidance and listening for our "yes" and "no"

  • Teachings on the lunar mysteries

  • Skills to use to best support your sexuality through each phase of your cycle

  • Skills to communicate desires

  • Ample amounts of tools and techniques to truly understand yourself and change old patterns

  • Sensuality through dance, sound, breath and movement

  • Archetypal wisdom of our cycles and chakras 

       and so much more ...

In this course sisters will learn just how fundamental pleasure is to our wellbeing, how sex can really look beyond porn and the movies, how our emotions and our bodies are our guides, how to cycle consciously and to live in harmony with our cyclic nature, how to express what they really want in the bedroom (without shame and guilt) and that we are ALL orgasmic beings! 

If you are feeling a FULL BODIED YES to being ready to take the plunge from agony to ecstasy I cannot WAIT to share deeply in this space with you! 


$999 (valued at $3333) - secure your place below!

Or 3 instalments of $333 

(payment plans available for sisters who truly need it)


Or use a payment plan