FREE 7 Day Yoni Love Challenge

A powerful 7 day journey to understand, accept and POTENTIALLY EVEN LOVE your yoni.

FREE Yoni Talks

Join the Yoni Nutritionist and I as we share on big  yoni topics such as menstruation, candida and lubrication.

FREE Pleasure Profile Paper

A guide to help you connect deeper to your or your partner's pleasure

Free Yoni Egg Online Course

An informative mini-course to assist you on your yoni egg journey free with your Yonilicious gemologist approved yoni egg purchase

Journey to the Sexual Self Online Course

A powerful 4 week journey to the sexual self through the lunar cycle. This journey has so much valuable content on all things sexual.

Journey to the Sexual OTHER **Couples** Online Course

A powerful journey to the sexual other in order to create free expression, expansion in pleasure, deeper connection and much more.

Yoni Love Online Course
This course is for any sister who does not absolutely adore her yoni. It is a 7 day journey to the genital sense of self where by the end you can't help but fall in love with her!

Lingam Worship Online Course

-All you need to know to truly worship your own or your lover's lingam (Sanskrit for penis).

Breast Care Online Course

-All you need to know to take care of and heal your precious breasts.

One on one programs

These programs are designed to go much deeper than the autonomous courses. The one on one programs start with any of the four phases of the moon or your cycle that you desire and are specifically tailored to what it is your are wanting to achieve through doing the course.


These programs are also designed to go a little deeper than the autonomous courses, however they are not as uniquely designed for your specific needs. They are therefore much cheaper than the 1:1 programs The group programs run monthly alternating between three different programs- the know your cycles program, the know your pleasure program and the feminine embodiment program.

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