5 ways to encourage female ejaculation A.K.A "squirting"

1. Buy some plastic sheets and prepare your bed beforehand so you can relax without having to worry about getting the bed too wet- sometimes a lot of fluid can come out so it is best to have this organised beforehand.

2. Make sure you are extremely comfortable with your partner. It can be really useful if before you begn t the practice you do the following two exercises

i. take your partner to the toilet with you when you pee and get him to hold your hand while telling you "good girl"

ii. when you are making love with your partner when you are orgasming again get your lover to hold your hand and praise you for orgasming.

These two steps will help you to relax and let everything go without fear of getting in trouble for making a mess. It helps to rewire the brain and body so as to not hold on out of fear of fearing yourself

3. Make sure you are properly aroused before any penetration (make sure your bladder is empty beforehand- ensuring every last drop of urine has been excreted).

4. Once properly aroused (after min 20 minutes) have your partner slowly insert his index and middle fingers. Once inside your partner can now do a gentle "come hither" motion on the G-spot. This is a great time to open u p communication to ensure he is touching you on your unique trigger point.

5. After another min 20 minutes of stimulating the g-spot it should be beginning to fill with fluid and feel far less like needing to urinate. This is when your lover will need a fair bit of stamina to begin pressing harder against the g-spot and faster. You may feel a sensation like you need to pee but stay wit it as long as you can. Th pressure will be building and eventually you may feel the release of ejaculation.

This may take some time and practice but after some time you should see some results, even if it is just a small release it is a beautiful place to start.

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