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Tegan McKenzie

Yoni Massage Therapist & Somatic Sex Coach

Hello, I'm Tegan. From a young age, I've been a dreamer, endlessly curious, feeling deeply, and asking life's profound questions. I've had a strong connection to nature and an uncanny ability to sense others' emotions in their presence. Life left me perplexed, questioning cruelty, inequality, and the need to hide our true selves. In my teen and adult years, I felt lost and suppressed, disconnected from the faith I once held in my body and spirit.

I tried to conform to what was considered normal, but it took years and numerous lessons to rediscover the woman that little girl knew she would become – one filled with dreams, deep connections, and wisdom. Above all, I embraced the sensual and sexual body, soul and spirit I was born to be. I've been fortunate to receive love, support, and freedom to be myself every day. With this innate wisdom, I can walk beside you on your journey too, helping you reclaim your true self and find your own path.

Tegan McKenzie
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