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Ruby Josif

Certified Sex Coach & Yoni Massage Practitioner

I want to firstly take a moment to say what an honour it is that you are here, whether you are simply curious, dipping your toes in and testing the waters, or wanting to start your journey of sexual liberation together, thank you. Thank you for showing up for yourself in this space.

My name is Ruby and I am a Certified Holistic Sex Coach. I specialise in guiding women to come home to their bodies, reconnect to their pleasure and to reclaim their sexuality, whatever that looks like to them.

I am passionate about creating a world where women feel empowered, educated, alive, confident and comfortable in their sexuality and eroticism.

My gentle and inclusive approach is designed to support women to:

  • Reconnect to their body, pleasure and sexuality

  • Cultivate a deep sense of sexual confidence and aliveness

  • Overcome and integrate physical, mental and emotional challenges that come up in relation to sex, pleasure and relationships

  • Understand their unique sexual essence and expression

  • Explore their orgasmic depths

  • Deepen connection to self and others and elevate their relationships and sex life

  • Learn how to communicate boundaries, needs, and desires

  • Understand their body, support their libido and reignite sexual desire

Ruby Josif
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