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Rosie Rees

Nude Yoga Creatrix, CEO Yoni Pleasure Palace


Rosie Rees (she/her) is an activist for internalised freedom, a groundbreaking sex toy creator, sex educator, and pleasure pioneer whose very existence is a catalyst to a leg-shaking awakening of your own. Her work moves beyond “normalizing” the existence of women and their bodies; it is a full-blown revolutionary act that dismantles the structures that have women convinced that their bodies aren’t their greatest allies, pleasure isn’t their birthright, and that the pinnacle of their evolution is how small and quiet they can be. Rosie is the founder of Yoni Pleasure Palace, The Naked Awakening (Women’s Nude Yoga), and one of Australia’s leading Sex and Relationship Coaches. Her work started with her own awakening and continues to have a ripple effect of viral proportions that is actively creating the world we have been waiting for. ​

Rosie Rees
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