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Rachael White

Yoni Massage Therapist, Pleasure Expert & Liberation Artist

Hi, I'm Rachael,

I am dedicated to creating a safe and nurturing space for you to move through whatever is ready to come to the surface, however that may look. To hold space without judgement and support you without taking away your power.Ultimately you are the driver of how deep you feel ready to journey, my role is to guide and support you along the way. Guiding you to the depths of your being as well as giving reflection to the parts you may not be able to see yourself.I may be warm, loving, a little cheeky and playful. However, along with this I have the ability to serve dark love and truth medicine. Lovingly guiding you into some of your darkest corners. I guarantee there will be some level of discomfort at times… but that’s what you came for right?!I believe that once you tap into your true essence, life becomes a whole lot more juicy, and I don't just mean in the bedroom. Your sexual energy is connected to our life force energy and creativity. When you have access to this, all areas of our life will start to flourish.

Rachael White
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