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Jane Hardwicke-Collings

Shamanic Midwife, Teacher, Grandmother

Hi, I'm Jane,

I travel all over the world to share on the wisdom of the cycles and the spiritual practice of menstruation; preparation for menstruation for mothers and daughters; and the sacred and shamanic dimensions of pregnancy, birth, mothering and menopause; and how to reclaim and heal our rites of passage. I also offer teacher training for these. I speak at conferences and festivals and offer my books and e-courses to help heal the wounded feminine and wounded masculine of our patriarchal culture.

I carry the lineage of Shamanic Midwifery from my teacher Jeannine Parvati Baker(deceased) and I created the School of Shamanic Womancraft (formerly the School of Shamanic Midwifery) in 2009, an International, Women’s Mystery School to share and carry on this lineage.

Jane Hardwicke-Collings
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