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Emma Rickard

Somatic & Energetic Intimacy Coach

I help you feel confident in your own skin, prioritise your pleasure and communicate openly.

Finding the right coach to help you is an intimate experience in itself. As sex, intimacy, pleasure and relationship coaches and educators, we want you to have the most mind-blowing, sensual, pleasurable sex life you possibly can – with everything in between. 

I have a FIRM belief that a happy, healthy, enjoyable, deeply fulfilling, creative, adventurous, fun life starts with how satisfied you are in the bedroom.

Why? Because when I started to have the best sex of my life, my life became as good as sex!

For context, I was a girl who almost always faked orgasms, relied on my partner/lover to do everything, used sex as validation, had multiple empty & meaningless one-night-stands, very low self-esteem, would dissociate during sex, felt awkward or embarrassed about my vulva, said yes to sex when I wanted to say no, on multiple occasions – because I was scared or worried about how the other person would react, and yet acted like there was absolutely no problem at all….

Crazy right?

Yet this is the reality for A LOT of other women too. So I’m here to make a change!

What differs between us coaches is our approach. While yes, it’s important to have tools and practices, a positive mindset and all that exciting stuff, it’s even more important to have an empty, clean tool bench to put it all on. 

Lets work together in a completely safe, judgement free and simple way to empty and clean out your tool bench (aka your genuine, authentic self), and pick out the right tools that will create a bedroom life that’s built to last.


Somatic Sex Coaching – Somatic sex coach & educator graduate of Yonilicious

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) – Master Practitioner & Time-Line Therapy Practitioner

Energetics/Energy work – Reiki Level 1 & Level 2, MCM Energetic Shadow Integration (aka shadow work)

Breathwork – facilitator in training

Emma Rickard
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