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EJ Love

Intimacy Specialist, Sexual Expression Guide, Bestselling Author

EJ LOVE is an Intimacy Specialist and Sex Guide and the Author of the International Bestselling Book ‘Become the One’ and host of the ‘Deep Sexy Play’ Podcast.

She has worked in intimacy and conscious relationships for over 11 years and has helped thousands of men and women 1:1 with empowering themselves sexually and intimately and has become one of the most credible and sought after Love and Intimacy Experts in Australia.

EJ Love (Emmajane) has been aptly dubbed the Love Priestess as she deeply inspires

people to heal and empower themselves in love, relationships and sex. She is a fiercely

passionate woman who is most well known for her openness, vulnerability, compassion and

her controversial stories which have reached millions of people around the world through

international media, TV and radio. In 2017 she married herself, but why she did that – that’s

the true story in her book.

EJ Love
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