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Art of Love Making


4 Weeks

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Our pre-recorded Art of Love Making 4 week legacy program is itself so incredibly valuable, however we will be updating the recordings as soon as we have time.

This program is a self-paced journey, though it is taught in a cyclic manner, so that you or your lovers can best understand how to love up a female-bodied person throughout the menstrual cycle—without penetration and orgasm being the main goal. Therefore please match up the four weeks with either your/your partner's menstrual cycle or the lunar cycle. Therefore this aspect of the offering is more relevant to relationships that have at least one female bodied person or will have in the future.

who this course is for:

Whether you are in a relationship or not, if you feel called to understand yourself or your partners/future partner's pleasure, or perhaps female sexuality deeper in general, this is a great holistic course for you.

Four X 60-ish minute recordings of teachings on the many different aspects of the art of love making, along with a bunch supplementary materials for you to go over each week. You can see examples of what is offered in the images below. 

​Just some of what's included:​

(for educational purposes only)

  • Sacred Sexuality

  • Erotica and Fantasy

  • Role Play

  • Communication

  • Pleasure profiling

  • Orgasmic Breathing

  • Sex Rituals

  • Sacred Union

  • Blowjob 101

  • Celebratory Sex

  • Heart Opening Sex

  • Sexual Healing

  • Prostate Play

  • Intimacy

  • Cosmic Sex

  • Lingam & Yoni massage

  • Lingam & Yoni Libation

  • Sacred Waters

  • Bondage

  • Fetish

  • Kink 101

  • Powerplay

  • Partialisation

  • Sensuality

  • Anatomy

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