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Eros desatado

10 Step Journey


Self Paced

couple holding each other

We have just added to this beautiful program one of the most beneficial practices that I have ever both experienced in my relationships and guided other couples through.

We have created an additional 10 different very special videos for you to watch over as many weeks as you would like. The practices begin with a very gentle and conscious practice and build on top of that.

About the program

It is a journey that I take my clients on, particularly when they are struggling in their partnered sex, however it is great for EVERYONE, regardless of where your are at in your sexuality, as it is a complete recalibration of our nervous system and its relationship to intimacy, pleasure and sex.

And you can now do these deep and relationship changing processes from the comfort of your own home, and for a much lower price! Yay!

These practices are demonstrated with a male and female body, however all sexes can gain something from these practices! Disclaimer, there is nudity in these videos.

this program is for

  • singles who are wanting to cultivate new skills or future connections

  • couples who are experiencing struggles in their partnered pleasure

  • partners who feel they need to bring more to their partnered pleasure

  • couples who are wanting to createnew ways of relating in their sexuality and intimacy

  • couples who are wanting to expand what they are already experiencing in their partnered pleasure and intimacy

The course consists of:

  • In-depth videos on different practices to do to create an entire new way to approach sexuality and intimacy that is revolutionary for most couples.

  • Practices to create a nice safe yummy container

  • Demonstrations of ways to implement new practices and tools

  • Bonus slow sacred sexuality practices

  • and so much more!

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