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Eros Unleashed

Big Kunta Program


8 Weeks

Confident Spread Legs with sunflower between legs

A reclamation of the magick of the kunta (pussy), empowering you to feel safe to explore and express your raw eroticism, your sensuality and your pleasure through art, sound, movement, the breath, women's mysteries, as well as lots of fun and play..

Welcome honey! ​

Sar and I are so excited to be sharing this self-paced program with you all! 

Are you ready to fall in love with your yoni? To listen to its every "yes" and "no"? To worship your yoni through understanding its blood, nectar, pulses, tingles, itches, numbness and pain? 

Are you ready to dismantle the patriarchy from the inside out?

To worship your body?

To live in sync with your cycles?

To celebrate your sexuality?

What is in the program

In this program Sara Silverstein and I are making it our mission to not only reclaim the word kunta, but all of the magickal power that we have been conditioned to ignore, fear or feel shame over.

Our motto is Pussy Pride & Sexual Sovereignty!"

This program is for you if you experience:

  • shame over the appearance, taste, smell, feeling, and sound of your kunta

  • inability to feel beautiful in your natural form 

  • shame over your sexuality 

  • disconnect from pleasure

  • disconnect from the feminine

Some prospects covered​

  • Kunta listening

  • Kunta gazing

  • Kunta adornment

  • Spoken word and art 

  • Blood magick

  • Kunta massage 

  • Kunta worship 

       and much more

​A bit about Sara and I...

Sara is an international breathwork guide and female sexuality specialist.

I am a sexologist, sex coach and yoni massage trainer, and we have been working together for years now creating INCREDIBLE life-changing workshops and events.

To date we have shared "Breathgasm", "Conscious Kink" and an "Awaken the Feminine" 7 part workshop series. 

We both bring very different energy, Sara more masculine, myself more feminine. We both have huge hearts and are passionate about empowering as many women and vulva havers on this earth possible!!

pay upfront and save

(fees apply)

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