Enrich Relationships

These workshops include videos, recordings, exercises, and more. They are designed to be self-taught by students who are interested in exploring further in their sexuality without direct support from Kristin.

Image by Juliette F

Art of Love Making

After floating the idea to my Instagram community, the feedback I received was an interest for both a sacred sexuality couples program as well as a kink program, however not so much for a blended program. So I’ve created both separately, with a taste of each in both.

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Conscious Kink

This program is designed for all relationship dynamics as well as singles. Whether you are in a relationship or not, if you feel called to understand your or your partner’s kinks this is a great course for you.


Lingam Worship Course

This course is designed to help you to either worship your lovers or your own lingam. This practice is so powerfully healing, though it can also be so beautifully erotic and help us to connect deeper to our lover's lingam (or your own for those lingam-havers taking this course!).