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Conscious Kink Workshop

Opening up your mind to a greater possibility of pleasure and excitement through a comprehensive kink breakdown! We go through boundaries and consent, exploring our yes and no, and what it means to hold space and be vulnerable in our intimacy and connection.

Welcome! ​

I am so excited to be sharing this program with you all! 

This is a replay of the virtual Conscious Kink Workshop led by Kristin Murray Alexi and Sara E. Silverstein.


In this playful and safe workshop we will be share on boundary setting/agreements, communication skills, different types of kinks, the body and the mind in pleasure.


We have often been so oppressed in our sexuality and continue to think that sex needs to look a certain way. This can result in monotonous sex and suppression of our deepest desires. We can feel shame and guilt over our sexual expression and therefore put up with sex that doesn’t satisfy us.


If you have wanted to explore your kinky side - this is a perfect way to do it. From the comfort of your own home with our support. If you are already familiar with this world but want to connect with other kinky people or perhaps learn some new skills - this is also for you!