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Breathgasm with Sara and Kiki!

Welcome sisters! ​

We are so excited to be sharing this 75 min recorded workshop with you all! 

Are you READY to connect DEEPLY with your body, expand your pleasure potential and connect with your sensuality without any goals or pressure?

To celebrate your sexuality and the sexuality of your sisters without judgement or jealousy?

We know we are! 

This WORKSHOP is for you if you have experienced

  • Shame over your sexuality / yoni

  • Disconnect from pleasure

  • Disconnect from the feminine

  • Blockages in your pleasure

Some prospects covered

  • Orgasmic breath exercises

  • Anatomy lessons

  • Female arousal lessons


One 1.25 hours

Investment in connecting deeper to your pleasure


$45 USD ($62.00 AUD)

These prices are in USD as I am co-creating with Sara and she and I work in USD together, click the button below to see the two price options.