Anal Play Appreciation Workshop -ONLINE!

29th August 

A reclamation of the magick of the ANUS, empowering you to feel safe to explore and express your eroticism, sensuality and pleasure through, anatomy wisdom, sound, movement, and breath.


Get your early bird ticket before the 15th of August and save!

Bring your partner along and learn together!.

Welcome anus lovers! ​

We are so excited to be sharing this workshop with you all! 

Are you READY to fall in LOVE with your anus? To listen to its every YES and NO? To worship it through understanding its anatomy, expansion, constriction, pulses, tingles, numbness and pain? 

Are you MALES ready to dismantle the patriarchy from the inside out (where you have been told you that you are anything other than a sexual being by experiencing pleasure in your anus).

Are you FEMALES ready to be a sexual SUBJECT in your anal play, rather than a sexual object?

To worship your body?

To celebrate ALL of your sexuality and the sexuality without judgement?

We know we are! 

The ANUS is FILLED with yummy nerve endings just waiting to experience PLEASURE! 

In this program my beloved Jesse Sohn and I are making it our mission to support you in reclaiming your connection to your anus and the pleasure potential it holds. 

This program is for you if you have experienced

  • pain in anal play

  • shame in anal play

  • curiosity over anal play

  • a desire for more pleasure in your life

Some prospects covered

  • anatomy

  • arousal

  • foreplay'

  • preparation

  • lubrication

  • technique

  • spanking

       and more!


A two-hour workshop of playful yet powerful teachings shared in a safe and professional container.



August 29th, 2021


Sunday 9am Bali

Sunday 11am AEST

Saturday 6pm and 9pm in the States 

A bit about Jesse and I...

Jesse has been exploring the realm of sexuality deeply for the past 5 years, which is why we met at a rope-jam event in Bali. 

Jesse has done so much work in dearmouring their anus, as they had a desire for anal play from a young age. In their dearmouring journey, Jesse has learned all of the yummy techniques needed to experience deep anal pleasure, as both a male (themself), and a female (I can testify to that, as Jesse has given me sooo much anal pleasure).

I am a sexologist, sex coach and yoni massage trainer, who is PASSIONATE about connecting the human family back to their sexual sovereignty. I have spent the last 6 years of my life working in the field and the last 30 or so studying it!

To date Jesse and I have shared two different partnered pleasure courses for both singles and couples, namely the "Conscious Kink Program" and the "Art of Love Making", both of which are recorded if you feel drawn to learn more. These two courses combined come at a discounted rate as the "Ultimate Love Artist Package".

Investment for reclaiming your anus connection: 


$44.44 early bird until August 15th

$66.66 full price