All of the GASMS!


Join Sara Silverstein and Kiki Maree as they take you on a journey to the many delights that the body has to offer in pleasure, beyond goal- oriented and genital-focused sex.


You can join for just one session, however Kiki and Sara recommend to do all 4 sessions, which is why they have discounted it for you (see here). 



Part 1

This workshop will be a powerful journey of exploring one of the most pleasure-filled extremely erogenous zones, the anus, as well as breathwork to connect to our base chakra expression and shadows, in order to connect to our fears, our voice, our truth, our raw expression, and our wild self, most of which has oftentimes been blocked due poorly played out anal play experiences.


Self Pleasure 101

Part 2

There are SO many different ways that we can connect to our pleasure with our perosnal pleasure practices! Whether you have a solid and well-rehearsed practice or not, you are sure to learn some new ways to access pleasure in this workshop, as we will be exploring all of the erogenous zones, both internally and externally, a mini squirtshop, and the many techniques we can apply when exploring our eroticism.



Part 3

Our skin is one of the largest sexual organs of our bodies! Filled with soft touch sensory nerves transmitting all kinds of messages to our brain and to other parts of our body, the skin is one our most untapped sexual resource. It is like a locked gate, with the right kind of touch being a key to open us to deep pleasure. In this workshop we will be exploring how you can access full body orgasmic states of bliss through many different types of touch.


Yoni Viewing Circle

Part 4

Last but not least, one of my favourite practices! GROUP YONI WORSHIP! In this workshop we will be tapping into some creative juices to honour the yoni through touch, art and presenting our yoni to a circle of coo-ing sisters. this workshop has literally changed hundred's of women's lives and their connection to their vulva. I can't put it all here, but you can imagine just how delicious and healing these kind of practices can be.