All 4 Gasms with Sara and Kiki!

A powerful journey of teachings and orgasmic breathwork to connect to the many different aspects of pleasure expansion.

Some of what is covered:



Orgasmic breathwork

Conscious touch


Anatomy, nerves, arousal response 




Anal play

Self pleasure

Yoni art 

... and so much more

A bit about Sara and I:

Sara is an international breathwork guide and female sexuality specialist.

I am a sexologist, sex coach and yoni massage trainer, and we have been working together for over two years creating INCREDIBLE life-changing workshops and events.

To date we have shared  "Conscious Kink", "Awaken the Feminine" as well as a previous workshop on breathgasm. 

We both bring very different energy, Sara more masculine, myself more feminine. We both have huge hearts and are passionate about empowering as many womben on this earth possible!!​

You can get a feel of our energy here :) where we share on our past Breathgasm workshop. Our recent workshop is however a little different to the first workshop (in this video) where we bring some fresh new energy and info to those who attended for a second time! ​