10 things you didn't know about the yoni

1. The yoni changes scent throughout the month

2. The yoni's discharge changes through 4 phases of viscosity throughout the month.

3. There are 9 different archetypes of the yoni.

4. Everyone's G-spot, cervix, clitoris, length of yoni externally and internally, width internally, wetness/dryness is unique depending on their anatomy type

5. There are multiple erogenous zones in the yoni including the clitoral complex, the gpsot, the a spot and the o spot.

6. The yoni is made up of the vulva, the womb and the vagina

7. The vagina is the part inside the yoni between the entrance of the yoni and the cervix and is made up of muscles, mucosa and connective tissue.

8. The clitoris is made up of far more than the little pink pearl at he top of the vulva, and is comprised of erectile tissue similar to the lingam, meaning that it gets engorged when aroused (this is called vasogcongestion)

9. Women are slow-burners meaning that much of the time we need far more time to get properly engorged, especially when we are in long term relationships.

10. The yoni is a self cleaning organ, the only place you need to be mindful of is underneath the clitoral hood where smegma (skin cells and sweat) can build up, and you can use water or apple cider vinegar diluted to clean this area- do not use soaps on your yoni!


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